With effect from July 1, 2012, users of fixed telephony service will be able to call fixed telephone numbers, from his or from other places of the Republic of Moldova only by dialing 9 digits: national prefix "0" + code of the geographical area + Subscriber number.

For example, a user from Chisinau will call fixed telephone numbers from Chisinau by dialing 0 22 + 6-digit subscriber number. Users from Balti will call to fixed telephone numbers in Balti by dialing 0 231 + 5-digit subscriber number. Residents of districts Cahul and Briceni, in order to call fixed numbers in their towns or other settlements within the same districts, will dial 0 299 + 5-digit subscriber number and, respectively 0 247 + 5-digit subscriber number. The same method will be used by the residents of all the districts of Moldova.

The new format of fixed telephone numbers (9-digit) is technically speaking of „closed” type, whereas the old format (5- or 6-digit) – of „open” type.